Rap About Legal Matters

Yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal matters to lay down, so sit tight and vibe with me.

Got a warehouse lease agreement format in word, need it to be legit, so it’s all heard.

Non-renewal of insurance, okay, okay, what are the requirements by state? Gotta get this in line before it’s too late.

Anti-cash hoarding credit agreement, say what? Check it out, gotta make sure it’s all about the clout.

Thinking of getting an HDFC home loan? Gotta know the documents to be shown, to make sure it’s all gonna be your own.

Yo, for a rental agreement, need to know the terms and conditions my friend, so we can prevent any legal rear end.

Custom license plates, big flex, but what are the rules? Check it out, it’s cool, no need to be a fool.

For all my A level students, looking for some law internships, gotta get that experience and flip those chips.

Health declaration form, what’s the deal? Everything you need to know, so you can glow, and not be low.

Got a fellowship contract in your hand? Essential legal aspects and requirements, check it before you make that next payment.

Feeling strapped for cash? In need of a credit card, but worried about the law, don’t pay for that, check it, so you don’t end up in a legal abyss.

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