Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips,

Is paying rent in cash legal?

Or should I fear the sheriff’s bailiffs?

Wanna know about justice of the peace court rolls,

And how to avoid legal pitfalls and loopholes?

Need free legal aid in Pennsylvania, pro bono style,

To help you through the legal mile?

Curious ‘bout forensic pathology requirements in South Africa,

And how to become a legal ninja, not just a cadaver stealer?

Let’s talk commutative law in the courtroom,

Understanding how legal terms bloom and boom.

What are the legal obligations of a landlord,

And how to avoid a legal backhand from Thor’s hand?

Let’s sign a relationship management agreement,

And avoid legal rage and legal enslavement!

What if a tentative agreement is voted down?

And you’re left with a legal frown?

Stay in the loop about new tax laws for homeowners,

And avoid any legal jail moans!

Finally, understand animal law CLE,

To protect our furry friends, it’s a legal jubilee!

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