Famous Personalities in Dialogue

An Exchange Between Two Icons

Elon Musk: Hey Mark, have you checked out the California Form 3853 instructions for 2020?

Mark Zuckerberg: Not yet, but I need to. Thanks for the reminder, Elon. How about you, have you come across any information on how to cite a court case in APA 7?

Elon Musk: I have, indeed. But I’m also interested in learning more about corporate finance and Canadian law. It’s a fascinating topic, don’t you think?

Mark Zuckerberg: Absolutely, Elon. Speaking of legal matters, do you happen to know the exact bridge law calculator for our latest project?

Elon Musk: I’ll have to check on that. Say, Mark, have you ever considered Kidzee franchise requirements? It could be a lucrative business opportunity.

Mark Zuckerberg: I haven’t, Elon. But I’m currently looking for magistrates court clerk jobs. It’s always good to keep an eye on new opportunities.

Elon Musk: Agreed, Mark. By the way, I recently came across some top-notch law firms in Wellesley, MA. Their legal services are unparalleled.

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s great to know, Elon. And have you heard about the strictest abortion laws by state? It’s a sensitive legal issue that requires our attention.

Elon Musk: Indeed, Mark. And speaking of legal matters, have you ever had to deal with a development fee agreement? It’s essential to understand the legal guidelines and best practices.

Mark Zuckerberg: I haven’t, Elon. But I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the heads up!

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