A Mysterious Conversation Between Trump and Malik

Donald Trump:

Zayn Malik:

Hey Zayn, have you heard about the Wii user agreement problem? Yes, I have. It seems to be causing quite a stir with the profane bumper stickers legal issues.
Do you think these legal issues stem from a lack of non-consent agreement? Perhaps, but it also has to do with proving common law.
Hey Zayn, did you remember to wish your wife a happy Mother’s Day with some heartfelt quotes? Of course! But I’m also dealing with car troubles. Do you know if my insurance covers a courtesy car?
No idea, but have you seen any opportunities for AstraZeneca contract jobs in the legal field? Funny you should mention that, I’ve been researching Australian pension rules overseas.
Before I forget, do you have a sample of a job work agreement that I can use as a template? Sure thing. By the way, do you know if the Nissan Skyline R32 is legal in the US?
Sorry Zayn, it looks like I can’t help you with that one. But thanks for the chat. No problem, Trump. Let’s catch up again soon.
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